A sample of the posters to be presented at the Liquid Biopsy Summit include:

Anchor Molecular, Inc.

Characterization of DNA-Free Plasma and Its Usage as True-Plasma Based Quality Control Standards for ctDNA Testing

Biomatrica, Inc.

The Impact of Preanalytical Variables on Cell-Free DNA and Circulating Tumor Cells

Bioo Scientific, a PerkinElmer company

A Dependable Automated Workflow for Cell-Free DNA Extraction and Downstream NGS Library Preparation


TruePrime™ Liquid Biopsy: The First Tool to Amplify Cell-Free DNA

Hitachi Ltd.

Digital PCR with Melting Curve Analysis for KRAS Genotyping

Mayo Clinic

Circulating Tumor DNA in Endometrial Cancer: Individualized Tumor DNA Testing

Mikro Biyosistemler Electronics, Inc.

Development of EpCAM Sensitive Surface Functionalization Strategy for CTC Capture in Microfluidic Channels

National Tsing Hua University

Applying Circulating Biomarkers Discovery from Blood Biopsy in Chinese Medicine

Promega Corporation

Automated miRNA Purification from Plasma, Serum or Exosomes

Shenzhen Peoples Hospital

Isolation and Expansion the Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients' Peripheral Blood In Vitro

Taipei Medical University

Anti-Proliferative Effects of ZFP36L1 and ZFP36L2 on the Human Colorectal Cancer Cells

Thermo Fisher Scientific

An Efficient NGS Workflow for Liquid Biopsy Research Using a Comprehensive Assay - Oncomine™ Pan-Cancer Cell-Free Assay

University of Hawaii Cancer Center

Circulating Cell-Free DNA Characteristics of Pre-Treatment Plasma/Serum Samples from Cancer Patients

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