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Chew over continental breakfast and thought-provoking discussion topics with your peers. These are moderated discussions with brainstorming and interactive problem-solving, allowing conference participants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences and develop future collaborations around a focused topic.

Table 1: Crossing the Chasm - Maturing Liquid Biopsy from a Niche to Mainstream Diagnostic Tool

Jack Challis, PhD, Director, Healthcare Analytics, Lucence Diagnostics

  • Disruptive innovations like plastics, mass-produced automobiles and smartphones began life as relatively narrow, niche technologies that all rapidly progressed into mainstream technologies in their respective areas.
  • What technological, clinical and regulatory obstacles must be overcome for liquid biopsy to become mainstream?
  • How can researchers, industry, providers and regulators work together to ensure liquid biopsy benefits as many patients as possible?

Table 2: Liquid Biopsy in Brain Tumors

Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern, PhD, Head, Cancer Genomics and BioComputing of Complex Diseases Lab, The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University

  • Low tumor burden in plasma tumors
  • Glioblastoma as a rare disease
  • Novel biomarkers

Table 3: Some Remaining Challenges for Somatic Variant Calling in Liquid Biopsies

Chris Karlovich, PhD, Associate Director, Molecular Characterization & Clinical Assay Development Laboratory, Leidos BioMedical Research, Inc., Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

  • Accurate identification of clonal hematopoiesis variants
  • Assessment of tumor mutational burden
  • Fusions and CNVs

Table 4: Blood Cells as a Reservoir of Oncogenic DNA in Blood

Janusz Rak, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Experimental Medicine and Biochemistry, McGill University

  • Why are blood cells (platelets, leukocytes) understudied as carriers of oncogenic DNA?
  • What are the potential advantages and challenges of using platelets as carriers of oncogenic DNA?
  • What are potential advantages and challenges of using leukocytes as carriers of oncogenic DNA in blood?

Table 5: Novel Biomarker Development: Tumor Mutational Burden

Mark Stewart, PhD, Vice President, Science Policy, Friends of Cancer Research

  • Opportunities and challenges associated with measuring blood TMB
  • Considerations for a pan-cancer biomarker using ctDNA
  • Unique developmental and regulatory considerations for liquid biopsy tests

Table 6: Developing Liquid Biopsy Technologies in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Environment

Andrew Z. Wang, MD, CEO, Capio Biosciences

  • What values do liquid biopsy technologies offer to payers?
  • How to navigate alternative payment plans/bundled payment
  • Barriers to clinical adoption
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